Essential Golden Retriever Grooming

Golden Retriever grooming is very important as it will keep your dog healthy. Grooming is an important element of pet ownership and with a small amount of frequent attention, it doesn’t have to be a distressing job. Some of the most important grooming practices include bathing, regular brushing and nail trimming. Read on to find out more. (more…)

Golden Retriever Vs Siberian Husky – Which Is Best For You?

Choosing the right breed of dog for your home is important for your happiness as well as theirs. There are many people who are confused between a golden retriever and a Siberian husky. If you are one of these people, you need to do a Golden Retriever Vs Siberian Husky comparison before you make your decision. (more…)

Golden Retriever Vs Labrador – What Breed Fits You Better?

Dog lovers can all agree that each one is different. Every dog you bring into your home and allow to be part of the family will show unique characteristics. Plus, they are completely devoted and loyal.

However, due to their breed type, there are characteristics they have in common. In this article, the focus is going to be on the Golden Retriever vs Labrador breeds. In addition to looking at what separates them from each other, you will also find some advice on which type of family they will fit with. At the end, you should be able to have a better idea of dog breed to choose. (more…)

What Are The Golden Retriever Colors?

Although you have many choices when it comes to having a dog in your family, the Golden Retriever is one that many people consider. Not only are they a loyal animal to have in your home, they are also quite beautiful as well. IN fact, there are a number of differences between the types of colors that are found in this breed. Although they are known as golden, the true gold is only one of the many different golden retriever colors you have to choose from. (more…)

What You Need To Know About Golden Retriever Training

Many of the Golden Retriever training techniques are associated with what makes the dog owner feel comfortable or good, opposed to what is sensible to the actual dog. An example of this is the “positive only” dog training. Treats may be a great way to train a Golden Retriever, but when the dog only obeys the command to receive a treat, the dog is the one that is in charge of the obedience, opposed to you. (more…)

How Much Does A Golden Retriever Cost?

Golden retrievers are amazing dogs, but before you get one you’ll want to have an idea of how much a Golden retriever cost. There are various factors to consider when it comes to costs. Find out what they are below and then you can decide whether or not you want to purchase this breed of dog. (more…)

All About Golden Retriever Adoption

The Golden Retriever is among the most popular dogs preferred as pets. These dogs are usually congenial, energetic and playful and loves their masters. Unfortunately, many Golden retrievers are usually rendered homeless due to a tragedy in their master’s family or because of other reasons. (more…)

Information About The Golden Retriever

Are you thinking about getting a Golden Retriever because if so, then you’ll want to know as much as you can about the breed. Generally speaking, they have a great reputation for being a family dog and for being a friendly dog. With that said, below is some useful information about this dog breed. After you read over the info, you can decide whether or not you should get one. (more…)