What Are The Golden Retriever Colors?

Although you have many choices when it comes to having a dog in your family, the Golden Retriever is one that many people consider. Not only are they a loyal animal to have in your home, they are also quite beautiful as well. IN fact, there are a number of differences between the types of colors that are found in this breed. Although they are known as golden, the true gold is only one of the many different golden retriever colors you have to choose from.

First of all, the different colors in this breed can be seen in dogs that come from the same litter. As a matter of fact, it isn’t unusual to see those variations all at one time when the litter is born. When they are first born, however, they are not actually golden but rather, they might look white. The different colors come in when they get older. One thing that you will not see is a white Golden retriever, although some of them could certainly be lighter in color.

The colors of the Golden may be different but according to the standards set by the AKC, they will be different shades of gold. There may also be some other colors that are occasionally seen, such as very light (pure white) or red but they are not generally accepted as a part of the breed according to the AKC. As any golden retriever owner can tell you, however, those colors are acceptable and it is more than the color that really makes the breed.

Some people are interested in breeding the dogs in order to get a specific color. They may do so by getting a darker golden to breed darker golden pups. In reality, this is not actually possible. It isn’t only what is in that specific dog but you also need to consider the dogs that are in the family history as well. It isn’t out of the ordinary for a dark golden dog to throw lighter colored puppies and the opposite is also true.

If you want to get an idea of what Golden Retriever colors might come from a specific dog, there is a way to know. Often, it is the color at the tips of their ears which will be a strong indication of family color. When they are pups, you might be looking for something specific but they might still have their lighter coat. Take a look at the tips of their ears. That will be a closer indication of what they will be as they grow older.

Some Golden Retrievers will also be different colors in the same coat. That variation is what makes some of these dogs unique. It is also quite a beautiful trait of the dog and you can really spend a lot of time looking at those differences and loving the colors. It is just another reason why this is such a wonderful breed and we love them so much.

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