Golden Retriever Vs Labrador – What Breed Fits You Better?

Dog lovers can all agree that each one is different. Every dog you bring into your home and allow to be part of the family will show unique characteristics. Plus, they are completely devoted and loyal.

However, due to their breed type, there are characteristics they have in common. In this article, the focus is going to be on the Golden Retriever vs Labrador breeds. In addition to looking at what separates them from each other, you will also find some advice on which type of family they will fit with. At the end, you should be able to have a better idea of dog breed to choose.

Introduction To The Breed

Golden Retriever:

This is a large dog breed from the British Isles, and their bloodline involves specific training for retrieving waterfowl during hunting parties. The Golden Retriever’s ability to return the fowl unharmed made it such a beloved companion. They are also known to be very family-friendly and kind.


Labradors, also known as the Labrador Retriever or simply Lab, are large breeds that originally come from Canada. With the same retriever training background, Labradors are highly intelligent with a deep sense of loyalty and kindness.

Breed Color

Golden Retriever:

With a purebred Golden Retriever the color will always be gold or a yellowish gold. The only variation in color will be seen in the different shades. As for the nose and the eyes, they are both black.


Labradors are more diverse in terms of color. They can be black, fawn or chocolate golden-yellow. Typically, their noses are black, except for some fawn colored Labs. In some cases a section of their nose will turn pink with age, seeing as they lack pigmentation in this specific area.

Temperament Levels

Golden Retriever:

Out of the two breeds, the Golden Retriever is a little easier to handle thanks to the overall calm Golden Retriever personality. They also live to make their owners happy, meaning they require a lot of attention and can easily be trained.


Unlike Golden Retrievers, Labs are much more independent dogs. They love exploring everything that catches their attention and for the most part, they can take great care of themselves. But these are traits that make it a bit harder to train a Lab and to control it. Nevertheless, those who have the patience to stick with their Labs are very happy.

Physical Appearance

Golden Retriever:

When you look at the Golden Retriever, you’ll notice they have webbed feet and a naturally oily coat. This gives them the ability to swim very fast and goes back to their specific breeding intentions. They also have bushy tails.


Labs also have webbed feet for swimming purposes, plus, their interwoven coats make them waterproof to a degree. As for their tails, these are broader and stronger than those of a Golden Retriever.

Which Dog Is Right For You?

Now comes the tough question, because which one are you going to choose? The best way to look at it is from a “practical” perspective. For example, do you live alone, or do you have a family? If you happen to live alone, it might be better to go with a Labrador, because they are more independent. They won’t require so much attention like the Golden Retriever, which is the better choice for large families with constant love to give.

If you want a dog for a specific purpose, such as a guide-dog, then it’s a better idea to go with the Golden Retriever. Apart from being loyal to a fault, they are easier to train. And the fact that they love to constantly be around their owners, as supposed to curious Labs, you can’t go wrong with the Golden Retriever.

The Bottom Line

If you want a dog that will be easier to discipline and requires less patience to get into a good routine, the Golden Retriever is the dog for you. Chances are it will settle in quickly and love its new home.

If you want a dog that’s a little smarter and more adventurous, the Lab is the definite way to go. They are the best outdoor companions.

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